6 holiday hacks for parents during the festive season


Schools are about to close and parents everywhere are probably wondering how to keep their kids busy during the school holidays. Here are some holiday hacks to give you some ideas.

As schools get ready to close this week, teachers everywhere in the country are rejoicing at having a break from the kids. The parents, on the other hand, might be feeling the opposite way. School holidays can be a very stressful period for parents especially coupled with having to work, plan a holiday and also find activities to do with the kids. These life hacks should give you some ideas to lessen stress.

1. Teach your kids the spirit of giving this festive season


If you want to raise kids that value what they have and always give back to the less fortunate, include them in your charitable activities. Get them to take out their old toys and clothes and go with them to donate at a shelter for kids, hospital or orphanage.


2. Let them earn their holiday pocket money



Yes, kids also deserve a break during the holidays but a little housework each day never hurt anyone. Get them to help you around the house or garden or even with some shopping. This way they can do their daily chores and earn their holiday allowance.


3. Want a quieter theme park experience?



Always plan your theme park trips a day after a holiday where people overindulge. This way, there will be fewer people and you can have a quieter, less stressful theme park experience with fewer queues and more parking space.


4. Make sure you plan ahead



To avoid stress during the holiday period, you have to plan a schedule that you can follow with the kids. Make sure you have enough play dates, shopping time, meal prep and time for yourself in between. Have a physical or digital diary where you can put down exactly what you intend to do each day and what your child will also be doing at different times.


5. Engage with other parents



Other parents are probably thinking the same thing as you so reach out to friends and family and see what they will be up during the holidays and try to link up activities for the kids. You can plan sleepovers, picnics at the park, theme park excursions, play dates at the house, visiting local museums etc and alternate with other parents.


6. Stock up on summer essentials for your kids



It’s a long summer ahead so make sure you have a list of all the essential items you and your kids will need such as sun hats, swimming gear, sunscreen, wet wipes, backpack, paper towels, hand sanitizer, plastic bags and so on.


-Midrand Reporter

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