Ayanda Borotho on the state SA finds itself in


Following Eskom’s announcement that due to unlawful industrial action, Stage 6 loadshedding would be implemented, a number of public figures including Ayanda Borotho have shared their thoughts on the current state of our beloved nation.

The actress said “until we realise that communities must be organising themselves to be fully independent of governments, we will find ourselves in a hole we can’t get out of.”

Borotho believes that in 20 years’ time her claims will not just be “conspiracy theories”.

Furthermore, Ayanda believes the “era of control is here and it’s bigger than what is happening.”

“If you have money, buy land. OWN land. Land that can sustain you. Food stokvels are not going to help us. Set up solar and borehole stokvels. This is no joke. It has never been more critical to organise ourselves. It’s a matter of life and death. This agenda is bigger than Eskom,” she advised.

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