Bahumi on “feeling unwanted” at the beginning of Somizi and Mohale’s relationship


The first episode of season five of Living The Dream with Somizi premiered today and mainly focused on his relationship with estranged husband Mohale.

During the first episode, Somizi’s daughter, Bahumi opened up about her dad’s relationship with Mohale and how it affected her.

She wishes that things turned out differently in their marriage.

“It breaks my heart that something he was trying very hard to maintain backfired like this,” she said.

She added that the fact that they met at his book launch and he was a fan who wanted an autograph was a clear sign that the “dynamic there is already fan-celebrity.”

Bahumi admits she was hurt at the beginning of Somizi and Mohale’s relationship because “her father kind of shut her out and wasn’t really explaining anything to her,” not that he owed her an explanation but just keep me in the loop.

“Finding out that he’s dating someone who is younger than me and he’s bringing him into his life in a way that he hasn’t brought me into his life made me feel unwanted,” she added.

Bahumi has sought healing and trauma mending and hopes her dad will jump on board.

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