BBC Africa Eye: Hell


A Documentary about the 2.8 million migrant women who work as maids in the Middle East. They are bound to their employers under a system known as Kafala. Often trapped and abused, this is their story.



BBC Africa Eye: Maid in Hell

"I will not stand and watch this ****. There is no slavery anymore. We are not animals."Despite heartbreaking stories of abuse, many women from Kenya and Ghana still travel to the Middle East, where foreign maids are often legally bound to their employer and have limited rights. Testimonies from women who escaped and private recordings show a world of powerlessness and abuse, hidden behind closed doors.This week’s Africa Eye, “Maid in Hell” is part of the “Why Slavery?” series from THE WHY.

Posted by BBC News Africa on Wednesday, 24 October 2018

-BBC Africa Eye

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