Calls mount for Zambian president’s impeachment


Douglas Syakalima, a member of Zambia’s opposition United Party for National Development (UNPD) has disclosed that now is the time for the president to be removed.

Syakalima has called for the president’s impeachment on the grounds of a motion that was submitted earlier in the year based on what the opposition said was Lungu’s threats to judges of the Constitutional Court, the Zambian Observer reported on Wednesday.

The parliamentary member for Chirindu further asserted that in addition to the charges before the court there were also other constitutional breaches carried out by Lungu, adding that the president was fortunate that the current session of parliament close to an end.

However, unalarmed by a stand still in parliamentary proceedings Syakalima said when parliament resumed in the New Year it would be time to look into removing Lungu for good.

“All of us are accountable to the people of Zambia – all the three wings, the constitution is so consistent. When it talks about the judiciary, the judiciary is accountable to the people, the legislature is accountable to the people of Zambia and the executive is also accountable to the people of Zambia. None of these institutions are accountable to anybody other than the people,” said the opposition member.


-African News Agency (ANA)

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