Capitec reached 15 million clients last month


Johannesburg – South African bank Capitec reached 15 million clients last month it said yesterday, citing that it had added more than 180 000 clients on a monthly basis.

Capitec chief executive Gerrie Fourie said reaching 15 million active clients was a major milestone that confirmed that the bank’s fundamentals continued to resonate with people during these challenging times.

“When we first opened our doors in 2001, we set our target at 5 million clients. As we’ve continued to challenge the norms of traditional banking, South Africa has responded, and our client base continues to grow rapidly. This year we have welcomed more than 2 million new clients,” Fourie said.

He also credited the rapid growth of Capitec to the bank’s unwavering focus on its strategy.

“We built the bank on simplicity, affordability and personalised service, and with every new product introduced, these remain front and centre. So, with the addition of, most recently, our virtual card, in-app scan-to-pay functionality and home loans offering we’ve built our products around these principles. For instance, we’re the only bank to offer scan-to-pay that’s compatible with all major QR payment providers,” said Fourie.

Fourie said that as they moved into the new year, they looked forward to continuing challenging the norms of traditional banking and bringing their clients a world-class banking experience.


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