China ‘not opening police stations’ in SA

South Africa

It is mere fake news that China has opened its own police stations in South Africa, the country’s embassy in Pretoria has said.

News started mounting on social media about two weeks ago, stating that China had opened 13 police stations across South Africa.

The first such centre was established in 2004, said Yu Yong, spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in South Africa.

These centres have no authority to arrest or imprison people, he said.

“It is important to stress that the status of all these 13 centres are strictly non-profit Chinese associations and they have no law-enforcement authority.

“The main responsibilities of the centres are to participate in the community policing mechanisms led by the SAPS and to co-operate closely with the SAPS in preventing and combating criminals against the Chinese community in South Africa,” Yong said.

Deaths of Chinese nationals in South Africa due to crime were about 20 between 2004 and 2014 on an average, said the embassy.

“Since their establishment, these centres have actively safeguarded the personal and property safety of local communities, including the Chinese community in South Africa, and have been warmly welcomed and widely supported by both Chinese and South African governments, as well as local communities,” Yong said.

-The Star

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