Coconut Kelz’s ‘My dad has a helicopter’ eNCA appearance is still confusing SA

South Africa

The Tonight with Jane Dutton guest also maintained white people can never commit corruption, since it will always be ‘a black thing’.

A comedy skit performed with Jane Dutton on eNCA last week has continued to evoke confusion, hilarity and even condemnation from social media users seeing it for the first time.

However, Coconut Kelz is a comedy character created by comedian and writer Lesego Tlhabi. The character is an absurd over-the-top lampooning of a ditzy rich millennial. She often features as a guest on 702, and her satire appears to be so convincing, it seems, that it often fools people.

However, it’s hard to imagine how.

People have been sharing her skit on load shedding and other problems, in which she drops nuggets such as “fees must rise, so that there’s smaller people at school”.

What really caught people’s attention was her claim that she wasn’t affected by the bad traffic caused by recent Stage 4 load shedding because: “I don’t work normal hours … I don’t work at all, actually, I’m studying … kind of. I’m doing acting. So I don’t really need to, like, drive, in, like, peak-hour traffic.

“My dad has a helicopter so … like, sometimes, I just, like, fly to school. And sometimes my teachers just fly to me because I don’t like to be in, like, fees must fall. That whole thing is still happening and it’s super dangerous. And I don’t have anything to do with it because I think fees must rise. Fees must actually become more, so that there’s smaller people at school.”

She also said: “We don’t live in the townships. We don’t need to have load shedding. It’s not a suburban thing,” and “So all of the DA members, we live on this one grid line, it comes from Nkandla actually … thank you, Jacob! But ja, we live on this one grid, so we never get load shed. But it’s unfortunate because I like load shedding as it’s quite romantic. You can watch movies and have candlelight … all the Caucasians are on that line. It’s called the Line of Caucus.”

She even claimed white people could never be guilty of anything called “corruption”. It would always just be an “accounting regularity”, and corruption would always be “a black thing”.

She added she would never get on a train with Cyril Ramaphosa again: “From now on, it’s just planes.”

Kelz added that Dianne Kohler Barnard could not be racist because she’d once said “Sawubona” to her and had created the actual key that released Nelson Mandela from prison.

Source – The Citizen

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