Competition Commission warns airlines against inflating prices


Johannesburg – With Comair flights being grounded countrywide, the Competition Commission is warning other airlines not to inflate their prices and exploit travellers.

Hundreds of passengers have been stranded after Kulula and British Airways flights were stopped from flying over safety concerns.

The commission said other airlines who exploit customers and the current situation could face hefty fines.

The Competition Commission’s Sipho Ngwema said “in terms of the laws of the violation of the Competition Act we can fine up to 10 percent of the company’s turnover.

“But of course with regards to consumer-related matters and price gouging, there are certain financial penalties up to a million rand but also we can charge people criminally if they do break the law but we would have to investigate and see if the law has been broken, if it has been broken by who.”

“But for now we want to engage, get the facts, but we encourage these companies not to break the law, not to take advantage of the situation and make sure they stick within the rules of fair competition and fair pricing.”

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