Congo advances in pediatric cancer treatment


The Republic of the Congo has gone a step closer in the treatment of pediatric cancer..

The Adolph Cissé General hospital in Pointe-Noire has a pediatric oncology unit, which is a first in a country where 18 cases of pediatric cancer were reported this year, out of 180 registered patients.

“It is a mobile respiratory device that allows the patient to be cared for from the accident site to the intensive care unit. This device has three functions for adults, children and totally autonomous neo-natology. Since it is always difficult for a doctor to have all the exact parameters of what is needed including systole, diastole, all saturation parameters, this device automatically gives you the opportunity to have all the saturation characteristics of the patient instantly and at this time we have less risk of management”, said Valery Boupda, Technical Director of Euraftrade.


Congo advances in pediatric cancer treatment


Calissa ikama  is a foundation created by a father whose daughter lost her life 10 years ago to pediatric cancer. He’s  since been working hard to raise awareness about the illness.

Our Cedric Sehossolo reports that 8% of pediatric cancer cases have been recorded in Congo Republic, a rate that donors in this pediatric oncology unit hope to see reduced.


-African News


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