Connie Ferguson responds to video of ‘prophet’ claiming she has cancer


Connie Ferguson has been left triggered by a video making the rounds on media where the prophet claims she is in danger of getting cancer.

Prophet Aaron Xhali from I AM Ministries in Rustenburg, posted a video where he was delivering a sermon. In the video, he is seen sending a message to Connie, warning her that she had been developing cancer in her body.

“I am sending a message and this a warning from God, the first wasn’t taken seriously. I know you have lost your husband Connie Ferguson, this message was given 10 months back to save the life of your loved ones,” he says in the video.

“I have another message from Jesus, I see cancer in the left side inside your breast, it is still deep, I am seeing cancer developing,”

“That is why from time to time, you will feel a pain, under your ribs, under your left breast.”

“Jesus is giving you a chance to escape that trap and to surrender to him”. says Xhali.

Connie expressed how she felt about the prophet, saying the video has left her triggered.

Connie’s eldest daughter, Lesedi Matsunyane took to Twitter to react to the prophet’s message saying he has malicious intentions.

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