Covid-19: Cricket’s saliva ban creates a sticky situation for bowlers


Johannesburg – With the International Cricket Council (ICC) giving the use of saliva when shining a cricket ball the thumbs down, ball maintenance is going to be a little tricky.

The use of saliva was banned when the ICC held a meeting earlier this week. The use of artificial substances still needs to be discussed.

This centuries-long tradition of using spit on the leather has been done away with because of the novel coronavirus and how it spreads through saliva.

Former Proteas player Allan Donald said not using spit to shine the ball will take some getting used to.

“It’s going to be tough to control because we’ve been doing that since the game started many moons ago.

“There’s going to be strict rules with regards to ball management. We’ve been doing it for a long time and it’s become such a habit‚ but I guess players will use common sense and be careful in terms of how they do it‚” Donald said.

He added that the ICC needs to look at alternative forms of ball management like throwing the ball on the bounce on the pitch square certain times in a game to keep the bowlers interested.


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