Covid: White House aide tests positive as military leaders quarantine


Covid-19 is spreading further among those around US President Donald Trump, with White House adviser Stephen Miller and a top military official infected.

Miller, who has been self-isolating for the past five days, confirmed on Tuesday that he had tested positive.

Several military leaders are also quarantining after Coast Guard official Admiral Charles Ray tested positive.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has said Trump should not debate if he is still infected.

Speaking about their scheduled second encounter in Miami, Florida, on 15 October, Biden said he would be guided by medical experts.

Trump’s adviser said he was in self-isolation after “testing negative every day” until Tuesday. His wife Katie Miller, who is vice-president Mike Pence’s spokeswoman, contracted the virus back in May and later recovered.

Admiral Ray, vice-commandant of the US Coast Guard, is said to be experiencing mild symptoms.

While officials who attended the meeting with Adm Ray last week are now quarantining, none have so far tested positive or shown symptoms.

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