DA: Malema, Paulsen were reckless and irresponsible

South Africa

Johannesburg – The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday said it believed Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader and MP Nazier Paulsen were reckless in social media posts relating to tensions in the Free State town of Senekal.

On Monday, the DA’s Chief Whip Natasha Mazzone laid a criminal complaint inciting violence at the Cape Town Central Police Station.

They had tweeted in reaction to a violent protest outside the Senekal Magistrates Court last week when two men appeared in connection with the murder of a farm manager.

According to Mazzone, the tweets by Malema and Paulsen were irresponsible.

“In one of them, they’re calling for an attack; in the other putting up pictures of people shooting machine guns and handguns. In another, putting up pictures of automatic machinery.”

She further explained why they believe such public posts are problematic, saying: “The last time Malema did a call to action, we saw petrol bombs being thrown into Clicks stores. We saw Clicks stores being destroyed. We saw jobs being lost and people being hurt and businesses being disrupted so we know that people take his particular calls seriously.”

Last week, the DA indicated it intends to report Malema and Paulsen to Parliament’s ethics committee over the posts.

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