Driver’s license backlog: Call to extend validity from 5 to 10 years

South Africa

Johannesburg – There is growing pressure to increase the validity of driver’s license cards from five to 10 years.

Outa’s Wayne Duvenage said the move could help deal with the current backlog.

Many motorists are struggling to renew their driving licenses.

“Many countries around the world, especially in Asia, have a ten-year validity. We don’t see why they haven’t gone that route,” said Duvenage.

“In 2013, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters had already agreed and gazetted the driver’s licence validity to 10 years.

“That would mean they went back on that decision that would be the easiest way to resolve this problem. It doesn’t help that they haven’t fixed the online booking system. If they get the online booking system right there should be no reason why they can’t do that. Getting an online validity problem fixes that.”

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