Elsie Rasalanavho reportedly collapsed after Muvhango fired her


Elsie Rasalanavho is said to have collapsed after being fired from Muvhango.

Rasalanavho played Mukondeleli on the soap opera, a character that has since died after 25 years on the show.

According to the Daily Sun, the actress is upset about leaving the show since she didn’t expect to be fired.

She fell and was admitted to the hospital after learning that her contract would not be renewed, said the source who reported the case to the paper.

“It was such a shock that she was dropped after 25 years on the show,” said the unnamed source.

The 71-year-old actress claimed she had no idea what she had done to the production team to cause them to make such a negative judgment about her. “… she gave it her all, and they treated her badly.” said the source.

According to another source, the actress wanted to leave as her departure would tremendously help the show.

The production company claimed to have let go of some of the cast members in order to spice up the show with fresh and young performers and save the show’s future.

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