Foundation to be launched in honour of Riky Rick


Award-winning rapper and businessman Riky Rick was laid to rest in an intimate and private funeral service on Tuesday, March 1.

During the private ceremony, Riky’s loved ones all shared their fondest memories of the late rapper and bid their final goodbyes to their loved one.

His business partner and friend, Sheldon Tatchell, shared how his friendship with Riky transcended beyond the boundaries of business.

Riky’s mother, Louisa Zondo also took to the podium expressing her gratitude to everyone who has thoroughly supported the family and allowed them to grieve during this emotional time.

As an advocate for the youth, Riky made it his means to continuously and consistently dedicate his time and energy to assisting young artists and visionaries.

In his final conversation with his dad, Kumi Naidoo, he recalls how Riky emphasized the importance of his vision to assist and support young artists.

“In our last conversation, you said mom and I need to help you with your core vision, which is to support young people. You were so concerned about young people at risk, but you also wanted young people to have the same chances that you had to break into music, arts, and culture”, said Naidoo during his tribute.

During his tribute, he also assured to keep Riky’s legacy alive by launching a foundation that will serve and support young people in Africa.

“Mama and I, and the rest of the family will work with your fans to bring this vision to light and ensure there will be a foundation set up in your name to serve young people in Africa.”

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