Gautrain to feature in international film production


American-based film production studio, MiclnGrace Studios is set to film a multi-million dollar project in Sandton, north of Johannesburg. Gautrain – the South Africa’s high-speed train – will be featured in this international production.

The action movie will be directed by South African-born filmmaker and director Michael “Micl snr” Norman.

Norman says his latest project, Rouge Taze – Mission Dark Moon, will be an Oscar contender. “This movie is going to be an Oscar winner. We are bringing home an Oscar, if not several. South Africa deserves to be seen on a platform that it deserves.

“South Africa should not only be good for locations for international productions. It is time that we shoot our own productions in our country and win those awards,” argues Norman.

The movie looks at espionage and shady deals involving government and private sector officials. He says it is a South African action movie, with an international appeal.

Says Norman: “Our passion is, when we tell an African story, Africans have to be in it. If you’re gonna shoot a story here about Mandela, let a Xhosa guy do it. Don’t go get somebody from out there. So we are trying to get South Africans to play South African roles.”

Michael’s credentials include accolades from the Best Shorts Competition, winner – Best Short Film.

His business partner, Grace Norman says it has not been easy to get support from local state entities. She says it is through their corporate partners that they have managed to secure filming in locations like the Gautrain and Rivonia Road in Sandton. She says being able to show these locations in their film bodes well for the local tourism industry.

They believe they don’t need big time Hollywood actors to make a successful movie in the country. The producer-actress says “A good story-line and great execution are good enough to make a successful box-office hit.

Rouge Taze is said to be the first film production to be shot on the Gautrain.

Rouge Taze – Mission Dark Moon is expected to be released in 2019.

-SABC News

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