Ghanaians blame power firm over nationwide outage


Accra – Ghana was hit by a nationwide outage on Sunday in “a total system shutdown”, said the country’s electricity provider Gridco.

The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) said that at “approximately 2.10pm, a challenge in the power system led to a total system shutdown. This led to an interruption in power supply to all parts of the country,” said the company in a statement.

“GRIDCo is also working to ascertain the reasons behind the total system shutdown,” said the company.

The power outage drew criticism from Ghanaian online.

Gary Al-Smith said on Twitter: “Basically, they don’t know why the lights are off and working to solve it.”

“Yes, we are Ghanaians. Special people by all means. In the past, when the lights went off, we blamed the President of the day. This time we know better… all eyes on GRIDCO and ECG, because the President of the day doesn’t operate lights,” said Johnnie Hughes.

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