Gunmen attack Nigeria train with nearly 1,000 people


Gunmen in Nigeria are reported to have abducted an unknown number of passengers from a train in the northern Kaduna state.

The gang mined the track between the capital, Abuja, and Kaduna city and forced the evening train to a halt.

Many of the nearly 1,000 passengers on board took shelter as shots were fired.

One man is reported to have been killed after the gunmen boarded the train.

The security forces have now intervened and taken those injured to hospital.

Following increased attacks and kidnappings on the main road between Abuja and Kaduna, many travellers now prefer to travel train.

This is the second time the railway has been attacked in the last six months.

Kidnapping for ransom has become commonplace in northern Nigeria and the bandits, as they are known locally, are becoming increasingly bold.

On Saturday they attacked Kaduna’s international airport.

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