In pictures: How Australians are enduring record heat


Australia has experienced a fortnight of extreme heat that has toppled records across the nation – and pushed people and animals to the limit.


Teenagers jump off the jetty at Glenelg beach in Adelaide during a heatwave
 Adelaide reached 47.7C (117F) on Thursday – its hottest-ever temperature – prompting many to try to cool themselves at the beach.

A man waters down a native wallaby outside his house
Adelaide local Andrew Correll said this wallaby turned up at his property. He poured water on it hourly as it sought shade.

A wallaby drinking from a garden tap
Many species around the country have struggled, with some animals becoming too hot or dehydrated to survive.

Firefighters take a break from battling a bushfire near the town of Miena in Tasmania
In Tasmania, fire crews have battled more than 50 bushfires fuelled by dry conditions and strong winds.



A water-bombing helicopter silhouetted on a red, smoke-filled sky next to the sun
Several towns were told to evacuate as the blazes threatened homes. Some fires burned in areas that were accessible only from the air.



Children play in a fountain to escape the heat at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne
Several tennis matches at the Australian Open in Melbourne were suspended, as some spectators took advantage of cooling fountains.

Enzi the baby chimpanzee about to eat an ice cake
Meanwhile, animals at Adelaide Zoo were given ice blocks and other treats to avoid heat stress.

Others scored regular baths, zookeepers said.
Swimmers and beachgoers at Bronte Beach in Sydney on Tuesday
People also flocked to beaches in Sydney, although Australia’s biggest city has been spared some of the worst heat

Swimmers at Bronte Rock Pool in Sydney on Tuesday
This January has seen Australia experience at least five of its 10 warmest days on record, meteorologists say.

Article sourced from BBC News

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