‘Incurable’ & drug-resistant: Deadly superbug colonizing hospitals across globe.


A potentially fatal and “formidable” pathogen has reportedly spread to hospitals across the globe and is resistant to all known antibiotics, Doctors have warned.

At the University of Melbourne in Australia, a team of researchers discovered this drug-resistant pathogen called Staphylococcus epidermis, which has spread rapidly worldwide.

The superbug Staphylococcus epidermis on an agar plate in Melbourne on September 4, 2018. © William WEST / AFP

The team studied samples from 78 medical institutions across 10 countries and their findings were released in the Nature Microbiology Journal on Monday.

“Often it just colonises the skin,” researcher Ben Howden said as cited by ABC News Australia“It doesn’t necessarily lead to infection. But in a smaller number of people it can lead to a serious, invasive infection requiring complex treatment.”

This bug is commonly found on the skin and so far has posed no real threat to people. However, it may pose as a risk to those with weakened immune systems.

“The discovery is really that there’s this bacteria that’s been spreading in hospitals around the world somewhat unrecognised for a number of years,” Howden said. “This is just another example of the use of antibiotics driving bacteria to become more and more resistant.”

The study concludes that hospital practices, including inappropriate prescription of antibiotics in intensive care units may “have driven the evolution of this organism, once trivialized as a contaminant, towards potentially incurable infections.”

 “It can be deadly, but it’s usually in patients who already are very sick in hospital… it can be quite hard to eradicate and the infections can be severe,” Howden said.

 “This highlights that the use of more and more antibiotics is driving more drug-resistant bacteria,” he warned. “With all bacteria in a hospital environment we are driving more resistant strains and there’s no doubt that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest dangers to hospital care worldwide.”

Article sourced from RT News

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