Jay-Z’s former friend claims he has a secret child


A popular singer named Oschino, one of Jay-Z’s longtime friends has shared a shocking revelation about the legendary rapper.

In a video, he claims to know Jay-Z’s “hidden” daughter and says she lives in Cambridge, Maryland.

Over the weekend, Oschina claimed to have seen the rapper’s daughter in the club, and the Philadelphia rapper informed fans that he’s “surprised” that Jay’s daughter isn’t wealthy.

Oschino has repeatedly spoken about Jay-Z not taking responsibility for his child and how it doesn’t sit well with him. In a recent interview, he mentioned how he didn’t understand the rapper’s actions.

For years, Jay-Z has been rumoured to have a secret child. Outside of his children with singer Beyonce, the rumours have come and gone, and for the most part, no one has ever confirmed whether or not Jay-Z had any other children.

La’Teasha Macer, a lady allegedly identified as Jay’Z’s daughter, reportedly claimed to be his child in 2019.

Her aunt, Terry Turner, claimed to have introduced her mother, Lisa to Jay-Z. She was born in 1990 in Cambridge, Maryland.

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