Kenya ‘ashamed’ of child trafficking exposed by BBC


Kenya’s director of public prosecution has vowed to take action after a BBC Africa Eye report revealed the organised smuggling of disabled children Tanzania to Kenya for profit.

“I am actually ashamed and not trying to give an excuse, I promise to pick it up myself but the best thing is for us to have a conversation as East Africans”, Noordin Haji said on Tuesday.

“Lobbying is going to be one of the best things, let us engage politicians, civil servants – if we can agree and have a focus, I can assure you I will be part of that and also include my colleagues in the criminal justice system,” he added.

Meanwhile, Tanzania has spoken of its “disappointment” at the BBC’s findings, saying it is already “working closely” with Kenya to tackle the scourge of child trafficking.

Many victims in these cases are taken from their parents with the promise of a better life. But once in Nairobi they are forced to beg on the streets with the proceeds going to their captors.

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