KFC shuts its Zimbabwe restaurants


The financial crisis in Zimbabwe has deepened,  KFC Africa has taken the decision to temporarily close down its outlets in the country temporarily.

According to the company, the fast food outlets “are unable to continue to trade due to the current pressure on the country’s economy. Their operations have been grossly affected by the currency challenges and supply and so they are exploring various ways to reopen their restaurants soon”.

“We generate new employment opportunities as we grow and with every new restaurant opening.  Our supply chain is heavily dependent on local suppliers and we are passionate about ensuring that these and all other partnerships are sustainable,” the company said.

In the  past few days, a number of stores have been forced to close their shut down after essentials such as medicine and water started running out. Long queues for petrol, bread and other essentials have once again become a familiar sight on the streets of most Zimbabwe cities.
Zimbabwean leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government has put in place a stabilisation programme meant to help the economy recover after years of hardship while the previous president was in office.
However, so far, it has been piling even more pressure on the already cash-strapped citizens. The government earlier this month announced a move to de-dollarize, this seems to have hastened the onset of the current crisis.

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