LOAD-SHEDDING: Schedules, info, and how it affects you

South Africa

Should load-shedding resume, the schedule can be found on Eskom’s site, where you type in your suburb to find out if you are affected.

Eskom called on all customers to reduce the load on the power grid by switching off geysers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances throughout the day.

Stage 1 allows for up to 1,000MW of the national load to be shed, Stage 2 for up to 2,000MW and Stage 3 for up to 4,000MW.

If you don’t pay your electricity bill directly to Eskom but to a municipal electricity supplier like City Power in Johannesburg, you need to visit your city’s utility website to get load-shedding information.  

Municipality information

For load-shedding schedules affecting the City of Johannesburg, you can visit www.citypower.co.za, or call 086 056 2874, or follow them on Twitter @CityPowerJhb.

For load-shedding schedules affecting the City of Tshwane, you can visit www.tshwane.gov.za, or call (012) 358-2111 / (012) 427-2111, or follow them on Twitter @CityTshwane.

For load-shedding schedules affecting the City of Cape Town, you can visit www.capetown.gov.za or this page, or call 0860 103 089, or follow them on Twitter @CityofCT.

For load shedding schedules affecting the City of eThekwini, you can visit www.durban.gov.za, or call 080 13 13 111, or follow them on Twitter @eThekwiniM.

If you live in the Mangaung Metro Municipality, you can visit www.mangaung.co.za, or call 0800 111 300. You can also visit http://www.centlec.co.za or call 086 007 6937.


Source – eNCA

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