Lockdown: Zimbabwean government moves to repatriate its citizens stuck in SA


Johannesburg – The Embassy of Zimbabwe says it has been inundated by distress calls from Zimbabwean nationals in South Africa who have asked to return home.

They say they can’t sustain themselves in South Africa due to the lockdown.

On Wednesday, the embassy released a statement where it said that it had provided permits for those who had their own means of transport back to Zimbabwe and have provided transport for those who do not.

“The embassy subsequently received plentiful distress calls from some Zimbabwean nationals who are in South Africa.”

“The embassy was inundated with requests, varying from appeals for help with food supplies, pleas from Zimbabweans with their own means to travel back home, and petitions from Zimbabwean nationals in need of transportation back home.”

The embassy has not only organised permits fro those with their own transport but has also organised buses in collaboration with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation to repatriate Zimbabweans.

“Many have since traveled back home, while others are still waiting for their travel permits.”

“There are buses to ferry Zimbabwean nationals back home, under the self-funded repatriation where the travelers pay for their own transportation,” said the embassy.

The buses will abide by Covid-19 regulations to limit the number of passengers to 70% of the carrying capacity.

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