LOOK: Egyptian film star to go on trial for wearing see-through dress


An Egyptian actress is set to face trial next month for promoting immorality after attending the Cairo Film Festival in a see-through dress, state-owned online newspaper Al-Ahram Gate reported on Saturday.

Rania Youssef will face a trial in January in Cairo after a number of complaints were made about her attire, accusing her of inciting immorality and promoting vice.

The pictures of the 44-year-old star left social media users divided while some calling her names and other defending her right to wear what she wants.


Rania Youssef will face a trial in January in Cairo after receiving a number of complaints about her attire. Picture: Mohamed Soliman/Reuters


“This dress and design is called ‘I forgot my trousers while going to be honoured,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user said Rania’s appearance will help her get more work.

“This entry has at least 15 films, two television series and 13 television and radio show appearances,” wrote Karim Ahmed on Twitter. “Congratulations.

Another Twitter user writing under the name Zakaria MJ frowned at the criticism.

“Rania Youssef is looking gorgeous,” he wrote in a message in English. “I don’t get why everybody is mad at her.”



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