L’Vovo: “Time for action has arrived”


Johannesburg – Human trafficking has been a trending hot topic for days now and South Africa wants some major change to be implemented.

A Twitter user angered by the lack of noise celebrities are making towards this criminal act that puts women and children’s lives in danger. L’Vovo Derrango, who has started his fight to put South Africa first, is very much involved in this topic and advised the country to stop Tweeting and start acting.

A few months ago, the musician dedicated his time and took advantage of his platform to educate and spread awareness on social issues that affect South Africans.

Despite his efforts in fighting the issue of human trafficking , he was still labelled xenophobic, however, he clarified that he is not but he cares about his country.

 “We love our neighbors. We are true Africans! But let’s fix local issues first n eradicate unemployment then we can help our brothers! If you are in a boat with people who can’t swim, u 1st save yourself & then go rescue others! This is pure logic! SA 1st that’s where I stand!”

This time, the musician has slammed government for being silent on human trafficking.

“Good morning South Africa. Time for action has arrived, tweets are great but we need to start acting. All our problems can be fixed if we just unite and tackle them together. We are all we got, not politicians will save u, no pastor or anyone besides US! WE WILL WIN!!!

“How do all these trafficked people leave the country? No passports or Visas. Do u realize that we are dealing with a much more organized syndicate than we thought?” he questioned.

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