Masasa Mbangeni defends Pearl Thusi


Johannesburg – Scandal actress Masasa Mbangeni has come out in defense of fellow actress Pearl Thusi recent social media outrage following her Twitter post over the weekend.

Thusi tweeted: “Defending borders drawn by colonisers will never be something I limit myself with #IAMAMAFRICAN”.

Mbangeni has come in her defense saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Thusi said.

But Twitter users said Thusi misunderstood the hashtag #PutSouthAfricansFirst, which according to many never was never about the killing of any foreign nationals in South Africa, but demand for borders to be closed and no South Africans should be unemployed while foreign nationals are.

In a Twitter post, Mbangeni said: “I was dragged for filth for saying I’m going to Ghana to get my husband. Told that they’re dark like me so I must f*** off. I will never forget being in Tanzania and my brothers asking me “why are you killing us in South Africa Dada?” and I couldn’t answer because even me I don’t know”.

She added that she read the “appalling” thread when people dragged Pearl Thusi, including an alleged relationship with a Nigerian.

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