Meghan Markle helped employ 30 new workers by just wearing these jeans


The “Markle Effect” has done it again

The Duchess of Sussex has helped employ up to 30 new workers thanks to wearing Outland Denim jeans.

James Bartle, Outland Denim’s chief executive said: “It has become a side story to the Royal visit, this little Aussie brand worn by the Duchess, it has allowed us to tell our story to a wide group of people in a short amount of time, which is invaluable. But also on a local level people feel incredibly proud”.

Outland began its journey when founder, James Bartle, had an encounter with an anti-trafficking group at a music festival. Bartle then travelled to Asia to see first hand how human traffickers prey on young girls in order to service the sex industry.

After learning that once a girl has been rescued and supported through her recovery, a sustainable career path is vital for securing her future, James created the “Denim Project”, which would enable those girls who demonstrated an interest in sewing to put their new skills to use.

“I’ve always lived in jeans. If you were going to produce anything, why wouldn’t you produce the most staple part of a person’s wardrobe? Jeans aren’t a throw-away item, but something you keep for years,” Bartle said.

Outland said that they have created a production facility in Cambodia from where they manage their manufacturing operations and oversee the holistic care of staff through wage, training and personal development initiatives.

Outland said that it has expanded its team of seamstresses to offer positions to those at risk of falling into poverty, and is on a mission to set a standard for the treatment and remuneration of young female workers in the garment manufacturing industry.

It is no secret that Markle is a major influencer and the “Markle Effect” has made the sales of a number companies spike since she became linked to Prince Harry.

Just last week she wore a blue dress by American brand Veronica Beard to an event within her Togo visit.

The dress subsequently sold out in all sizes.



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