Moegoeng calls on Ingonyama Trust Chair Ngwenya stop calling himself a judge

South Africa

Durban – Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng  has called on Ingonyama Trust Chairperson Jerome Ngwenya to confirm in writing that he will stop referring to himself as a judge.

Ngwenya was appointed a judge in 2000 but later resigned.

In a statement, Mogoeng said that any individual who impersonated a judge as Ngwenya was doing could cause harm to the judiciary without facing adverse consequences for their actions.

Ngwenya made an attempt to come back as a judge this month but failed.

Mogoeng said that Ngwenya therefore could not allow himself to be treated as though he was still a judge.

The Chief Justice added that a person cannot be regarded as a judge once they resign from the judgeship, which is different to a retired judge, who keeps the title for life.

However, despite this, Ngwenya is reportedly adamant that he will continue using the title until an official instruction.

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