Netflix serves up TikTok-style ‘fast laughs’


Netflix on Wednesday added a “Fast Laughs” feature to its iPhone app, serving up comic clips in rapid fire, in a move taking on the popular video app TikTok.

Tapping a Fast Laughs tab added to the mobile app will launch a stream of funny snippets from movies, sitcoms, comedy routines and television shows, according to Netflix.

“Wanna see something funny?” asked the streaming television service rhetorically in a blog post.

“On Netflix, this one little question opens up lots of possibilities from hilarious series and films to laugh-out-loud stand-up specials.”

These clips will come from the vast Netflix comedy catalogue, including shows like Murder Mystery and Big Mouth and stand-up comedy from performers including Kevin Hart and Ali Wong.

“This is the part where we have to say that not all clips will be appropriate for all audiences,” said Netflix in a post.

Fast Laughs was available for iPhone users in select countries, and Netflix said it will soon start testing it on mobile devices powered by Google-backed Android software.

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