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A new documentary series based on Oscar Pistorious’s life – about his rise, fall and the killing of Reeva Steenkamp. The new documentary series by acclaimed Welsh-born director Vaughan Sivell ties the Olympic and Paralympic athlete’s rise, fall, and killing of Steenkamp to South Africa’s struggle to overcome the profound damage caused by apartheid, and the enduring legacy of injustice.

The new documentary series based on his life will be divided into 4 parts. Director Vaughan Sivell told Screen Daily that Oscar’s story and SA’s progress as a rainbow nation were intertwined.

“Modern SA‚ the country‚ and Oscar Pistorius were born a few years apart. One became the rainbow nation and one became the Blade Runner.

“And then suddenly the country and the man’s world had collided‚ with his arrest and trial. This seemed like a great thing to explore as a movie‚” he said.

Sivell told The Hindu that Pistorius achieved so much despite his challenges and SA became a rainbow nation.

“Then you jump forward to a point in history where Oscar is on trial and somewhere his defense team blames the state of South Africa where crime is so high that a rich‚ white man hears a bang in the night‚ grabs his gun and shoots,” he said.

“The history of the country and the history of the man sort of collided at that point.

Oscar Pistorious murdered his girlfiend Reeva Steenkamp about 5 years ago when he allegedly shot through the bathroom door as an act of self-defense from a possible burglary. The Supreme Court judge sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment after he made an appeal.




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