New ‘Trump Prophecy’ film highlights belief that election was God’s plan


According to Mark Taylor, he is certain he knows why Donald Trump became president.

Forget Hillary hatred, white anger, Russian interference or voter turnout. Trump’s victory was God’s will, said Taylor. Taylor said he knows this because God told him so.

In 2011, while watching an interview with Trump on TV, Taylor says he heard a voice saying, “The Spirit of God says I’ve chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.”

And the Almighty is just getting started, said Taylor, a former firefighter who has published 23 “prophetic words,” many about Trump’s presidency.  

The presidential prediction is detailed in “The Trump Prophecy,” a new film produced with the help of faculty and students at Liberty University — some of whom later rejected its message — that will be shown in some 1,200 theaters on Oct. 2 and 4.

The film is part of a small but influential “Trump prophecy” movement that proclaims the current administration is divinely ordained and condemns its critics as servants of Satan.

A number of high-profile evangelical and charismatic leaders — among them evangelist Franklin Graham, Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress, pollster George Barna and presidential adviser and televangelist Paula White — have claimed that God intervened in 2016 to ensure the election of Trump.

The prophecy movement goes a step further to claim Trump is a modern-day King Cyrus, a pagan king who came to the aid of God’s people and rescued them from exile.

Lance Wallnau, a self-proclaimed prophet who spoke at the recent Values Voters Summit, has labeled Trump “God’s Chaos Candidate.”

In October 2016 Wallnau claimed God told him that “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” and predicted Trump would become president.

Wallnau, who appears in Taylor’s film, said the election is part of a larger religious revival that is “healing the land.”

But he warns viewers not to sit back and relax.

“Believers have got to get their act together if they want to preserve their way of life,” said Wallnau in the film. He declined to be interviewed.



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