Nonku Williams: “I used alcohol as an escape and living on anxiety pills”


Nonku Williams spent the better part of this weekend trending on Twitter as the finale of Real Housewives of Durban concluded.

Tweeps sent out several appreciation posts for the businesswoman and reality star who may agree was the realest housewife on the show.

Williams opened up about going through a tough time and revealed that she used alcohol to escape.

Bringing every housewife to tears with her deeply personal admission, Nonku shared that there are struggles she deals with as a single mother that leaves her feeling alone.

“I use alcohol as an escape from reality and take anxiety pills just so I can sleep. It’s hard you know, just because there’s so much that I am dealing with and going through,” said Nonku.

Nonku’s struggles with anxiety as a mother and working woman was relatable as many South African women rallied behind her online.

Many hailed Williams as the Real Housewives of Durban’s main star, saying she carried the season for keeping it real. However, Nonku struggled at first to win fans of the reality show and was trolled for many weeks in the beginning.

She did however, grow a tough skin and has since used the spotlight she’s in to talk about real issues women go through.

“I’ve been hinting that I’m going through some stuff… because there is just a lot on my plate. A lot of things that I’m dealing with, you know? Being a single parent and there’s is a lot on me. I don’t want to call it a burden but at times I just feel so alone that I had to really, really look into this thing (consuming alcohol) that you guys said you were concerned about,” she continued.

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