Ntsiki Mazwai takes a dig at MacG podcast fans


Poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai is known for not stepping down when contentious issues are discussed on the timelines and recently took a swipe at Podcast and Chill with MacG listeners.

The show often hits the Twitter trends list over hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka’s spicy and sometimes controversial opinions.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Ntsiki slammed those who found the show entertaining.

“With all due respect, but chillers are bimbos. There is no depth or intellectual content. It is just loud laughing at stupid things. Chillers are airheads,” tweeted Ntsiki.

Her comments sparked fierce debate on Twitter. While some agreed with her others did not, with one user claiming she was being judgmental.

“Ntsiki, why is it that your intellectual content comes from a point of judging others? Can you start your own podcast and see if you can have intellectual conversations with like-minded people, instead of jumping on a bandwagon to criticise other people’s craft,” said the tweep.

Ntsiki later apologised for calling them “bimbos”.

“Chillers, I apologise for calling you bimbos. Please let’s forgive each other. I reserve the right to remain silent about other issues,” she wrote.

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