Old money, new lies and homophobia!: Vusi Thembekwayo vs Sizwe Dlomo twar


Johannesburg – Vusi Thembekwayo was left with egg on his face and had to apologise to the LGBTQI+ community after his tweet translated as homophobic and transphobic as he attempted to drag Sizwe dlomo into their latest Twitter war.

It seems there is nothing in the world that these two will not fight about and this time, it all started when Thembekwayo claimed he was broke back in 2007 when he started his business.

However, Dlomo called him out for lying and had the receipts to prove it. Dlomo had old tweets to prove that Thembekwayo was lying. In the old tweet, Thembekwayo bragged about how much money he had in 2007 when he started his business.

Vusi attempted to discredit Sizwe by accusing him of not understanding the concept of hard work because he has “old money” backing him.

In the heat of the moment, Thembekwayo tried to drag Dlomo, but instead exposed his own insensitivity towards transgender people when he shame RuPaul (the American world famous drag queen and TV personality).

Dlomo was the first person to call him out for his tweets.

Thembekwayo has since deleted the tweet and apologised profusely for the tweet.

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