Petrol prices skyrocket in named African Countries


THE Energy Regulation Board has adjusted upwards the pump price of fuel effective midnight tonight. This fuel increase will be the biggest in Zambian history, sending prices way over the K16 mark.
This is according to a statement issued by ERB Board Chairman Raymond Mpundu today.

As South Africans brace themselves for the highest ever fuel ⛽️increase, motorists have been advised not to change their re – filling patterns… #FuelIncrease 93/95 petrol is set to increase by R1 a litre and Diesel by R1,24c a litre. Have you filled already? Let us know!(#South Africa)

Crude oil prices are at their highest levels in almost four years, hovering around $80 a barrel, which is expected to reach $100 within the next few months.

Tensions between US President Donald Trump and Middle Eastern oil-producing nations, specifically Iran, are largely to blame for the erratic spike in oil prices.

Tell  us which country you are in and if you too, have have been affected by the global increase in crude oil…


2018 Petrol increase




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