Public gatherings in Harare banned in order to contain Zimbabwe cholera outbreak


ZIMBABWE – All public gatherings were on Wednesday banned by Zimbabwean police. Additionally, a ban has been placed on all illegal food vending to control the spread of cholera, which has already killed 21 people in the capital Harare. The ban was announced after the government declared the disease an emergency.

National police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said it would remain in place until the cholera outbreak was under control. She further urged members of the public to heed the ban as it would assist in alleviating the spread of the disease.

Nelson Chamisa, the main opposition leader had planned to hold a rally on Saturday where he may take a mock presidential oath, this is despite the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa following a court decision upholding his disputed election victory about three weeks ago.

Chamisa’s spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda had no immediate comment.

“Police will intensify patrols and surveillance in the Harare central business district and will be out in full force to ensure compliance with the government without fear or favour,” a police statement said.

This is the biggest cholera outbreak that Zimbabwe has recorded since 2008 when 4,000 people died and more than 40,000 were treated for this disease, according to ministry of health data.  A total of more than 3000 people have been affected by the disease which has begun to spread outside the capital city now.



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