Reports of ‘mini earthquake’ stream in from Centurion residents

South Africa

Reports have emerged of light tremors experienced in parts of Centurion. Some residents reported that they felt ‘light tremors’, whereas others said they felt nothing.

The residents from parts of Centurion and Montana reported feeling a “mini earthquake” on Tuesday evening, reports Centurion Rekord. The reports started appearing on social media at about 8pm yesterday. Zwartkop, Midstream, Lyttelton, Wierda Park, Rooihuiskraal, Valhalla, and parts of Montana are the areas where the tremors are said to have been felt.

One resident said the earthquake rattled the windows of her Valhalla home. Others said their dogs being startled shortly before the tremors started.

Residents from Carletonville, west of Johannesburg, reported feeling a very distinct shaking.

However, have not been any reports of seismic activity in South Africa on websites such as Earthquake Report by Wednesday morning. Pretoria, Johannesburg, Klerksdorp, and Potchefstroom were woken by an earthquake that occurred 8km south of Stilfontein last year in April.. That earthquake had a magnitude of 5.2.


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