Russia accuses UK of helping Ukraine ‘stage videos’


In its latest statement, the Russian defence ministry has accused the UK of taking part in propaganda by assisting the Ukrainians in creating “staged videos”.

According to Russia, they are being filmed in eastern Ukraine, and show Ukrainian forces using Western weapons that are “highly effective” in fake battles.

The ministry accompanied the statement with footage, allegedly showing the “videos” being filmed.

This is not the first time such outlandish claim made by the Russian military.

Moscow regularly accuses Ukraine and Western nations of faking evidence and organizing “provocations” in order to blame Russia for committing war crimes and shelling civilian areas.

There’s a large amount of evidence – much of which is being recorded by independent international organisations – of war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

None of the statements nor materials released by the Russian defence ministry today have made any mention of the 100-day anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, independent Russian news website Meduza reported that state-controlled media have been told by the Kremlin to not “accentuate the longevity” of the war on the eve of the 100-day milestone.

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