Russia trying to regain momentum in eastern city of Izyum


Shelling in the Izyum region in eastern Ukraine over the past week suggests Russia is trying to regain momentum there, said the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

The MoD said in its daily update that while Russia’s operational focus remains on the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk pocket, it appears the northern Izium area is being targeted.

It said Ukrainians forces continue to hold the line in that sector and are making good use of forested terrain as part of their defence.

It comes as Russia made a strategic breakthrough on Saturday in Severodonetsk after weeks of fierce battles, reducing much of the eastern industrial city to rubble.

Russia’s campaign in the weeks ahead is highly likely to rely in reserve forces, said the MoD, several of which have “almost certainly” already begun being fielded.

These include part-time, volunteer reservists likely to be deployed for security tasks, as well as veterans who served in the military within the past five years, it added.

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