SACC launches anti-corruption campaign, calls for ethical governance

South Africa

Johannesburg – The South African Council of Churches (SACC) on Sunday said that it was ashamed of the level of corruption across the country, equating the looting of Covid-19 funds to an act of genocide.

The organisation launched its anti-corruption campaign in a bid to bring those implicated in plundering government resources to account. Church leaders  said they had resolved to protect the vulnerable as the corruption was a direct attack on citizens.

This follows growing outrage at the rampant corruption, which included the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) tenders and blankets amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bishop Zandile Myeni expressed his disapproval at PPE tender irregularities.

“Let us learn to spot corruption with all its disguises. Let us hold each other accountable. The opposite of that is happening under our noses, and the people who had nothing, all of a sudden have everything and nobody asks where it comes from,” said Myeni.

Reverende Frank Chikane called for ethical governance at all levels of society, including the church.

“We are even more troubled that even the institutions of professionals who are called to ensure that we have ethical governance are corrupted as indicated in the commissions that are sitting in this country,” Chikane said.

The council has also called for transparency and practical measures to ensure that the stealing of resources meant to help the vulnerable came to an end.

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