Salamina Mosese thanks Mzansi for getting controversial game banned


Actress and producer Salamina Mosese has taken to social media to thank the hundreds of women who signed a petition to ensure that an online game titled Rape Day is banned in SA.

Salamina expressed how grateful she was that people came together against the controversial game, which promotes violence against women.

The North Eastern Tribune reported that the Film and Publication Board (FPB) decided to block access to the controversial game after a successful campaign by the group 1000 Women Trust, as well as widespread condemnation from society.

“Thank you for your support in the petition against the launch of computer game which allows players to rape and kill women and children. As a result of your support, we have achieved the objective of disabling access to the game within South Africa,” Salamina tweeted proudly.

According to their website, the 1000 Women initiative has been creating awareness, organising safe spaces for women and mobilising resources to amplify the voices of women and girls since 2003.

Tina Thiart, director of the 1000 Women Trust, said women in South Africa needed to be given a platform to say their piece on what games are being sold or made available on the internet and how their children are exposed to violence.

“Rape is not acceptable. We are all working hard to create a new culture of no violence, advocating to eradicate violence against women and girls. Therefore this game should not be available in South Africa,” said Thiart in a statement.

Well done to everyone who signed the petition.

Source – TimesLIVE

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