Servals confiscated from Bryanston home

South Africa

The Sandton SPCA recently confiscated two semi-adult male leptailurus servals (wild cats) from a private residence in Bryanston, reports Fourways Review.

Wildlife rehabilitation specialist Nicci Wright has advised that residents  should not illegally keep wildlife as pets.

According to Nicci Wright, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist at Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in Glenferness, the servals were being kept illegally as pets.

She said: “We sedated them and both underwent a complete health check and we found that they were both in good health, although a little overweight.”

Wright explained that one of the servals has already been placed into a pre-release enclosure at his release site and the other will soon be placed at another reserve.

She explained that it is never a good idea or in the best interest of the wildlife animals to keep them as pets as they won’t be able to fulfil their natural behaviour.

Wright stated that the two males were doing well at the veterinary hospital.

Animals are treated free of charge at veterinary hospitals, however they sorely rely on the donations and support of the community.

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