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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has called on white South Africans to share land and other material gains or risk losing it all.

He was addressing scores of EFF supporters at the party’s final electioneering rally in Soweto.

Malema said that the only way the country would progress harmoniously was if equality was achieved. He then accused white South Africans of protecting their privilege.

With the economy one of the key issues ahead of the polls on Wednesday, as more and more South Africans caved under the pressure brought on by the increased cost of living, Malema had a warning for white South Africans.

“We’re fighting to sit at the dinner table with you. White people you will no longer eat alone. We’re coming to sit at the dinner table and if you’re refusing us, we’re going to destroy that dinner table. No one is going to eat.”

As Malema further explained, there needed to be access to land, an emotive issue in the country which has helped the EFF gain relevance in society.

Although many of the main points in Malema’s address were issues he raised while crisscrossing the length and breadth of South Africa in the past few weeks as he campaigned for the EFF, it appeared to find resonance with the thousands of supporters who cheered in agreement as he spoke.

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