South Sudan opposition unhappy over army positions


South Sudan’s main opposition political party says it is dissatisfied with recent appointment to a unified armed forces command structure.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) says there were a number of “serious violations “in naming the commanders of various army, police and security services unit.

The appointments were announced by President Salva Kiir last week.

The SPLM-IO said President Kiir omitted three directorates in the National Police Service that were meant for the opposition.

It says the president also created new positions that were not agreed by the parties, and appointed his allies to these positions.

“This attempt by the president is meant to separate the opposition… and that will make it harder for us to implement the reforms needed, especially in the finance sector within all the organised forces,” said Puok Both Baluang, a SPLM-IO official in a press statement.

He urged President Kiir to abide by the agreement on the unified command.

The office of the president has not responded to the matter.

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