Sudanese parties divided over UN-led talks


The second phase of a UN-led intra-Sudanese political dialogue is scheduled to begin on Tuesday amid divisions among the country’s political parties over their participation.

Several parties said they will boycott the talks aimed at resolving the political crisis that followed the October 25 military coup.

The UN, the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) bloc are seeking to mediate between the military, pro-democracy activities and opposition parties.

Those boycotting the talks include the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA), the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) and the Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP).

Some political parties have described the talks as an attempt to “legitimize the military coup”, while others said that they were not officially invited.

The US has urged all Sudanese civilian and military actors to “utilize the process to achieve democratic progress and national stability” while supporting the UN-led talks.

“The United States reiterates its strong support for the combined efforts… to facilitate a political process to restore a civilian-led transition to democracy in Sudan” it said in a statement on Monday.

Meanwhile, more than 100 political parties, civil society, youth and women groups signed a document on Monday demanding respect for Sudan’s sovereignty.

The groups, mainly pro-military, said they reject “foreign interference” in the country’s internal affairs and called for the appointment of a new prime minister.

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