Suspected gangsters hijack and strip car in less than 2 minutes

South Africa

CAPE TOWN – A video of suspected gangsters hijacking stripping a car has made rounds on social media. Apparently, the members of the Six Bobs gang in Lotus River are  culprits behind the incident which was caught on CCTV cameras on September 2 near a petrol station in Fifth Avenue.

The car was also set on fire.

According to residents, the perpetrators, who are known in the area, have not been arrested.

Five men were seen running up to the 1997 Hyundai Elantra and then they started pulling items out the car, in the one minute and 40-second video that went viral. Then two men in the car jump out and run away as even more suspected gangsters arrive and start opening the car doors and the bonnet. Then the rear windscreen was shattered with a brick and hijackers  removed the battery and took everything they could manage to get.

In the end the car was set on fire and begun to burn.


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